NAM is responsible for unlocking two of the Netherlands’ most important resources: gas and oil. NAM supplies 75% of the natural gas required by Dutch households and businesses. 93% of all Dutch households use natural gas. Natural gas accounts for 45% of all the energy that is used in the Netherlands.

NAM, competent and Dutch grown

NAM explores for and produces gas and oil on Dutch territory  using the latest insights and technologies  shares its knowledge with the outside world.

NAM, Source of our energy

As natural gas is an essential part of the energy mix and the energy transition at the same time, the Netherlands needs oil and gas, now and in the future. As largest gas producer in the Netherlands, NAM will play an important role in the energy transition.

NAM, ambient aware and participating in society
A good neighbour

We recognise that our operations can cause disruption. In consultation with local residents we  endeavour to prevent this as much as possible and to let local parties benefit from NAM’s presence.

Gas production

The Groningen gas field was discovered in 1959, and NAM has been producing Groningen natural gas since 1963. The Groningen field is one of the world’s largest gas fields (2,800 billion m³) and a significant volume of gas is still present in the field today. The Groningen gas field supplies gas to 98 percent of the population of the Netherlands. All domestic appliances are configured for this type of gas.


Gas production from the Groningen gas field causes earthquakes which affects the daily lives of communities living in the area. On August 16, 2012, an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.6 on the Richter scale occurred near Huizinge. This earthquake was felt more strongly by residents than previous seismic activity.

Production plan and programme of investigation

The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs grantsgas production permit on the basis of the production plan. The production plan describes how NAM must produce gas in a safe and responsible manner.

Following the Huizinge earthquake on August 16, 2012, NAM submitted an amended production plan for the Groningen field at the end of 2013 in response to the Minister’s request. NAM also initiated an extensive programme of investigation in 2012. The programme has been budgeted at EUR 100 million. Approximately 25 universities and knowledge institutes around the world are involved in the programme.

Uncertainty remains regarding earthquakes and gas production from the Groningen field. The Minister therefore decided that the 2016 Production Plan should be updated again based on investigation results and new insights. NAM submitted an amended production plan on Friday 1 April 2016. Besides the production plan, NAM also submitted a “Measurement & Control Protocol” and a “Study and Data Acquisition Plan”.


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